Paint Coating Thickness Gauge Meter Tester


  • RM-660 coating thickness gauge adapts principles of electromagnetic induction and magnetic induced edd-current. It can measure the thickness of non-metal coatings on metal surface.
  • Press the button to select magnetic metal or non-magnetic metal.It is a ideal instrument in manufacture,metal machining industry, chemical industry and commodity inspection, especially in automobile trading.
  • RM-660 has been designed as a user friendly and economical way, with the function of LCD displaying and measurement data maintaining automatically.
  • It has the advantages of easy operation, rapid measurement, safe usage and portability.
  • Digital LCD display, Data HOLD function, Zero calibration, Low battery indication, auto shut-off if no operation in 1 minute.



Target: Non-metal coating thickness on the metal surface;
Measuring range: 0~1.25mm;
Measuring precision: 2%RDG±0.02mm (2%RDG±1mil) for steel and aluminum;
Power Supply: 1 x 3V CR2032 button battery
Working Current: <10mA
Auto Power off time: No actions in 1 min
if leave the measured object
Minimum base diameter: 10mm
Critical base thickness: 0.5mm
Display resolution: 0.02mm/1mil
Operating Temperature: -5~40°C
Operating Humidity: 5~95%RH non condensing
Storage Temperature: -20~60°C
Storage Humidity: <85%RH (without battery)
Size: about 80*45*20(mm)
[Conversion: 1mm=0.03937 inch, 1inch=25.4 mm]
(It’s manual measurement, there may be a little error.)

-Digital LCD display.
-Data HOLD function.
-Zero calibration.
-Comes with iron base and non-iron (aluminunm) base.
-Portable, user friendly and easy to carry even in pocket.
-Low battery indication.
-Auto shut-off if no operation in 1 minute.


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