Advanced Digital pH Meter Jenway 3520

  • Buffer Recognition: DIN, NIST, JIS, and custom
  • Calibration: pH: User selectable 1, 2 or 3 point
  • Data Logging (points): 500 data sets
  • Display type: Backlit 1/8 VGA monochrome LCD
  • Interface: Analog, RS-232, IrDA


Benchtop pH meters feature up to three decimal place resolution, support up to three pH calibration points, and offer manual and automatic buffer recognition for DIN, JIS, and NIST buffers. A large LCD displays status and results of pH and temperature readings. Data is easily exported to a computer or printer via RS-232 connection. Compact unit provides accurate and reliable readings Supports one, two, or three point pH calibration. Up to three decimal place resolution for accurate readings


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